Don’t Cry?

Whoever coined the adage “Don’t cry over spilled milk” clearly never pumped their own milk.

Last night my husband confessed that he had overturned a bottle I had pumped in the fridge. He lost about an ounce of milk. (If you don’t think that’s much, you’ve obviously never been hooked up to the milker!)

Now things like this are bound to happen. Just like the other morning, we ran through a drive-thru to get some oh-so-not-healthy biscuits on our way out of town. We pulled away and I took a humongous sip of my Sierra Mist– BLEH! It was only soda water. Yuck! No one at Biscuitville was trying to torture me, just like my husband wasn’t scheming to destroy my attempts at pumping. These things just happen. I have a hard time always reacting to these things happening the way I wish I would. Without trying, I get upset and feel wronged. I am the victim in my own mind, and often it leads to my joy being stolen.

Our Sunday School class is studying Philippians, which has been deemed the book of Divine Joy. Paul was a prisoner, writing while chained to a guard and encouraging the church at Philippi to rejoice! He was dealing with pretty big obstacles, yet he was full of JOY!

How often I deal with slight irritations, and small inconveniences (spilled milk and soda water) and act like I’m facing the end of the world! I wish I could keep Paul in mind, and even more, keep rejoicing like Paul exhorts! How much differently I would live if I could keep things in perspective and keep my joy in the Lord!

…the joy of the LORD is your strength.
Nehemiah 8:10

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