Movie Night!

Sweet Hubby took me to the movies tonight for Valentine’s Day (and because a date was long-overdue!) I have been trying to explain to him that a “date” is not really a “date” if
1. We have the little Bug with us.
2. I ask him to do something with me.
3. I have to arrange care for Bug for us to do something.

He got my not-so-subtle hints! I wanted to see 27 Dresses, and you gotta love a man who will cater to his wife’s chick flick addiction! It was cute– I wouldn’t hold my breath for it to win any awards, but it was romantic and mindless (my favorites!) and FREE! Our friends gave us a gift card they had received when they moved out of town– score!

I quickly remembered why we don’t frequent the theatre these days– two movie tickets, a small drink, medium popcorn, and box of milkduds rang up to $23.50! (At matinee prices!) Holy smokes, does the movie-going American public have “Easy” stamped on their collective forehead? Apparently.

Thanks for the date, Hubby. I love being your Valentine!

3 thoughts on “Movie Night!

  1. Glad you had a fun movie night! A couple of weeks ago I called Justin as I passed by a movie theater and said, “Is it ok for us to go to the movies and I'll see 27 dresses and you can see whatever guy movie is out??” We haven't done it yet, but sounds like a plan to me! Can you tell I need some girl time?? BTW…see you this weekend!!!!!!

  2. oh…one more thing (I'm not gonna call you this late)…our church sign says “If you don't have the bread of life, you're toast!” Unbelievable!

  3. Oh gag me…. j/k…. I LOVE date nights. SO glad you guys had fun. p.s. Did I tell you how I started reading Exodus. I was sparked by our coversation and prayer when we got together. More on this when we meet again!

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