Mommy’s Home!

This weekend I realized that I love being a wife. I love being a mother. And I love being a girl.

Some ladies from the church headed off to the mountains of NC and spent a lovely few days in Valle Crucis, enjoying the fellowship, laughing our heads off, chatting with pals, and learning from the Lord. It was so great!

I missed Hubby and Buggy oh so much, but it felt good to be a girl and do girly things and appreciate girly company.

I am glad I got rested up too because it seems Bug must have picked up a stomach thing in nursery Sunday. She threw up so much last night! I really think that is one of the worst feelings in the world– seeing my baby hurting and not being able to help her! Luckily she slept through it all– she is such a little trooper!

10 thoughts on “Mommy’s Home!

  1. It is SO awful when your baby is sick and they don’t understand what is happening. I hate that! Hope she is better soon.Glad you had fun on your retreat! Sounds like a great getaway.

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