Momfessions Favorites

I wanted to share one of my (and Hubby’s) favorite toys for Bug. We got this as a gift– I don’t even think we registered for it, but we have enjoyed it!

It’s called the Stack and Roll Cups by Fisher Price…
There are ten stackable “bowls” each a different color with a different number. They also come with that little yellow ball on top that jingles. (This is our kitty’s favorite part of the whole toy!)
Unstacking the cups you find that each consecutive pair fits together to make a “ball”…
Each cup fits with every other cup even if they are not “consecutive” cups…
And possibly the best feature– if you build the smallest ball, you can nest the smallest ball in the next size ball (think the Russian wooden dolls that fit inside each other) and continue on until you only have one ball with all the cups! So it’s wonderfully packable and transferable!

Needless to say the bright colors are really eye-catching to Bug and she plays with the cups contentedly for 10-15 minutes at a time! I think they are about $10 at Wal-mart, and would make a great baby gift!
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One thought on “Momfessions Favorites

  1. What a neat toy! The way Ethan loves playing with balls, I bet he would LOVE that. I hope you guys are feeling better! E is still sick. Not getting better either 😦

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