One of my favorite things is to open the mailbox and see a Compassion envelope with the words “letter from your sponsored child enclosed” on it. I started sponsoring a child with Compassion when I was a sophomore in college. I had visited Ecuador and picked a boy from South America to sponsor. (His project was discontinued.)

When Andrew and I got married we picked a little girl from India to sponsor. I honestly don’t know why I chose India– there are tons and tons of children from every country possible and as their sweet, innocent faces swam before me I couldn’t possibly decide. Something outside of me must have moved my hand to choose only one, and it was Shanthi from India.

She has a sad look on her face like she knows some of the tougher things in life. I don’t even know the tougher things in life…

We write to her every once in awhile and she sends us letters (translated by local staff) about her schooling and the weather… She writes to us as “Uncle and Auntie”. I love that! She sends pictures she’s drawn.

I don’t feel like Compassion takes much from me. Her picture is framed here beside the computer– a reminder to pray for her each day. $32 is drafted from our account each month to cover some basics for her– schooling among other needs. We write (not nearly as often as we should) and send her pictures and cards. We can send extra money on her birthday or Christmas to make those times extra special. Compassion is not at all a hard ministry to be a part of. And it’s very rewarding…

Don’t believe me? Just sign up and wait until you see that envelope in your mailbox… See if your heart doesn’t get excited at those words “letter from your sponsored child enclosed”… I am pretty sure it will.

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