Leap Day

Does anyone else feel like they just “leapt” through February?

I mean, seriously– where did that month go? I am still having a hard time believing it’s 2008, and we’re already 1/6 of the way through 2008!

Since it’s March, Hubby is getting The Decree today. When we first got married, he had no sense of seasonality in his (cough, cough) unmentionables. He would be getting ready for bed and I would find myself face-to-face with Santa or Rudolph… in July. Quite frightening actually.

With much protest he finally conceded that Santa and Rudolph and any other winter friends must be kept in the wintertime. So March first marks the day that such apparel be retired until November.

Speaking of underwear– (how many times do you really get to use that phrase?!) I have another funny Hubby/underwear story from our first year of marriage! We lived in an apartment sharing a laundry room with three other apartments. One day while I was laundering, a strange pair of boxer briefs appeared in our basket. I noticed them while I was folding and didn’t recognize them, but apparently didn’t think enough about it to realize they had probably been left in the dryer and should be returned for the unfortunate soul who was missing a vital piece of clothing. (Run-on sentence anyone?)

Hubby must not have thought too deeply about the strange undergarments either and HE PUT THEM ON ONE MORNING! Yes, folks, he wore them to work! Coming home he told me he had worn the underwear all day, but was thinking they weren’t his. WHAT?!

This fact must have really started to bother him because he immediately stripped down and thew them across the room. I could not even catch my breath to remind him that he had worn the unmentionables ALL DAY and surely a few more hours before bed wouldn’t hurt anything… Ah, good times with a stranger’s boxer briefs.

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