I feel like I’m been totally unplugged from the blogging world. Not such a terrible thing, since this is my BIGGEST time waster, but I feel disconnected and… weird.

I was dealing with allergies and a head cold all week and the Bug has similar things going on. Having a sick baby around (especially when you don’t feel great yourself) is taxing. She is so good even when she’s sick though! Bug definitely has the greatest little disposition in life!

Hubby and I have give her this life verse from Psalm 52 (before she was born!):
But as for me, I am like a green olive tree in the house of God;
I trust in the loving kindness of God forever and ever.

It’s so neat to me how she really embodies that verse. She is so content, and I just have a feeling that is a quality she will always exude. I pray that she dwells in the presence of the Lord forever and trusts in Him completely!

Hopefully I’ll have some great blog fodder this week, hang with me!

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  1. I sure hope you girls feel better so we can have a play date!Don’t worry about the blog fog, I am blogging enough now for the both of us!

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