I need to…

…MOMFESS! Laundry is taking over my house!

Seriously, how do three people generate such massive quantities of “dirty” clothes?!

* disclaimer: All that clothes is actually clean. See, I’m not horrible with washing and drying, that gets done, but then it piles (and piles) around the living room until I feel like I’m swimming in it! *

3 thoughts on “I need to…

  1. Looks like my house. Every so often, I take the plunge and wash and dry it all. Then I dump it in one location. When I muster the motivation and have a second alone (without kids *helping*)I sit and fold it all. It is a week long process and by the time I am done, it’s time to start again. hehe

  2. Hahaha!!! I FEEL THE EXACT SAME WAY!!! When you figure out what to do and how to help the situation….let me know!!! HOpe you are feeling well!Take care!!!Alexis

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