I was cutting up some watermelon yesterday (which I might not finish eating after throwing it all up this morning) with my large Pampered Chef knife:

and I realized I love using this knife because it makes me feel like I’m on the Food Network.

I love the Food Network. When Bug was first born and I spent hours a day nursing her, I would turn on the Food Network and experience utter bliss. I kid you not. I cried (literally tears rolling down my cheeks) when we cancelled Dish Network because I would miss 1. Survivor and 2. The Food Network.

When I first started watching TFN, I thought it was comical that all the chefs and sous chefs (I actually learned some vocabulary watching too!) use these big knives to cut everything! No little blades for them. Honestly I have had my large Pampered Chef knife since we got married (three years ago) but never even pulled it out of the drawer until I was inspired. Before, I always gravitated to the smaller knifes I’d received as wedding gifts.

Nowadays? I love pulling that sucker out, sharpening it on its case, and slicing the heck out of some poor vegetable. Cooking? or stress relief?

I miss you, Food Network, but I pay homage to you each time I dice.

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