A few minutes ago I sat in the over sized red leather chair in my parents’ living room with the windows flung wide open and a baseball game on mute feeding my baby girl…

I have to tell you that there have been so many moments in Bug’s life that I’ve wished I could just freeze time.

Sometimes when I’m with Bug, I’m trying to get stuff done… I want to finish putting the groceries away, finish folding the laundry, finish eating lunch… but there are other times when it seems there is nothing more important that being a part of that particular minute in time.

I’ll never get those seconds in the red chair again. The sweetness of her baby shampoo, the snuggles up against my chest, the gentle sounds of a spring evening, the feel of a perfect breeze…

Sure, there’ll be other great moments in her life, but tonight I’m relishing the memory of an already-too-big girl snuggling with her momma– the most blessed momma in the world!

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