Baby Wearing

Steph is hosting a Bloggy Carnival today about baby wearing. Go check out the scoop on all sorts of baby carriers!

OK, here are some views of us baby wearing:Bug in the pouch at only two weeks old! Doesn’t she look cozy?
Bug in the pouch today.

Our Ergo that we love so much!

Notice both of these still fit at 15ish weeks pregnant! I took a pic of us in the Mei Tai, but my arms look horribly flabby. I know that doesn’t matter in the long run, but humor me, I’m pregnant! I’ll try another one later!
When I was pregnant with Bug, I loved the idea of “baby wearing”. I saw a blogger review for an adjustable cotton pouch from Kangaroo Korner and asked for one for Christmas.
I love how close she was to me when she was in the pouch and it usually put her right to sleep. One of my favorite bonuses of “wearing” a baby (especially a newborn) is that people generally won’t come and touch all over a baby who’s sleeping in a sling. I’m not a big fan of everyone touching my new baby!

The pouch is very simple to put on and place your baby into. You don’t have to buckle or strap anything. When Bug got a little bigger, we would do a “kangaroo carry” and face her out on the front so she could look around.

As Bug grew I started to sit her in the pouch more centered over my hip. This was comfy for both of us, but we haven’t done this pouch in quite a while (probably since Bug was about six months old).

For Christmas this year I asked Hubby for a Mei Tai, since they seem all sorts of popular with many bloggers I read. I ordered one from Mei Tai Baby and I got the changeable panels which is fun because I can change up the look of my Mei Tai at any time. I didn’t start using the Mei Tai with Bug until she was about seven months old (and pushing 20 pounds). I think I will enjoy the Mei Tai very much with New Baby once they arrive, but I have had a few obstacles with mine with Bug. I have found that getting the correct position for the “hip strap” is very important. If I don’t have that strap around my waist at precisely the right location, it digs into me and hurts! Also I try to make sure the hip strap is not bunched up when I tie it, the flatter it is, the better.The Mei Tai also has some long straps that make it difficult to tie in a parking lot or other dirty area. I hate when my straps touch the ground, but it’s almost impossible to avoid when you’re trying to get the baby on your back and wrap/tie the straps.I love the many positions you can wear a Mei Tai in: facing out on the front, facing in on the front, on the back, and on the hip. I think I need more practice with my Mei Tai and I plan to use the Mei Tai extensively with New Baby.
Just last week, Hubby let me order an Ergo Baby Carrier as an anniversary gift. I have to say I have only had this carrier for a week but I LOVE IT! The weight of the baby sits on your hips, which relieves a lot of strain and stress to your back. The straps are padded and feel great! I can wear it now being almost 15 weeks pregnant without a problem. I really think I could wear Bug on my back for hours and not bat an eyelash! You can wear the Ergo on the front, back, or hip, and one of the best parts is the attached sleeping hood. When Bug falls asleep in it, I pull up the hood to support her head and let her rest peacefully.

You can tell the Ergo was designed by a mom! This is the only carrier my husband is a real fan of, and he loves wearing her in it!

I am a bigger fan of baby wearing than when I first started researching it during my first pregnancy. It gives me hands free, keeps my baby close to me, and just makes lugging a baby around easier!

9 thoughts on “Baby Wearing

  1. You’re right! People don’t put their hands all over a baby who is in a carrier! I never realized that until you said, but it’s definitely true. That’s one advantage of babywearing that I enjoy.

  2. You KNOW how crazy I am about babywearing. I loved my MTB when AJ was a newborn because it has the adjustable bottom so tiny newborns can ride in front comfortably. oh my gosh – I used it so much when she was brand new.I know I say it all the time, but I seriously could not live without our Ergo. It is stinkin awesome! I am so glad to hear you love it already. YAY!

  3. Me too, I’ve never tried one. I’ve also never managed a hip carry in a MT, well done!

  4. Oh the Ergo looks really great! have you looked into the beco butterfly? I want to get one of those because I am so nervous about putting the baby on my back, yet I really want to try it. If you have researched them any, please let me know what you thought!

  5. oh, I don’t have an ergo, but would love to try one out sometime. They look great for long walks and day hikes! You are a lucky girl!

  6. I would love an Ergo. That was a great post. I really enjoyed reading about your carriers. And I totally agree about the Mei Tai long straps!

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