Happy Birthday!

happy first birthday to my amazing daughter!
Mommy loves you so much and I’m so proud of you! (Daddy loves you and is proud of you too, but he can blog somewhere on his own if he wants to brag about you!)

Your accomplishements so far (that I can remember as I sit her in a sappy fog):
You say:
shoe (new this week!)
You sign:
Love (our favorite!)
thank you
You also:
* are walking!
* blow kisses when asked
* wave bye bye
* feed your baby and Dot from a play bottle and share your pacis with them (you make a cute smacking sound while doing this– priceless!)
* feed yourself
* can get off the bed/couch by turning around and sliding off backwards
* sit down when asked
* drink very well from a regular cup
* dance when you hear music
* lift Mommy’s shirt and lay your head on her belly when asked where New Baby is
You are such a sweet sweet joy to us and we know you’ll be a wonderful big sister! XOXO

…children are a gift of the LORD… Psalm 127:3

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday!

  1. hope the party was great!!! sorry we missed it 😦 she looks adorable in the dress much lovebecca

  2. I hate we had to miss out! I know y’all had so much fun! And…do they make that dress in my size??

  3. oh my goodness! when did oliva learn to do all of those things!?! it’s only been like 3 weeks since we left and already she’s seems so much older. i hope she had a wonderful birthday and i’m still so sad we missed the. love you guys a bunch! – courtney

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