Post #96

In preparation for hitting the big 100 this week, I’ve been preparing for my big post… OK, who am I kidding? It’s almost done.

I started because honestly I’ve been kinda dreading writing 100 things about me. Now that I’ve started, I’m having a blast! It’s made me reflect so much on who I am, where I’ve been, and where I’m going.

As a teacher the word “reflection” is almost overused. In school I wrote reflective pieces and reflective papers until I wanted to gouge out my eyeballs. Even when I had my own classroom I constantly had to reflect on what worked in a lesson and what didn’t. Was I reaching every type of leaner in my class? Should I try it again, or scrap that idea?

As a parent, I’ve almost lost that great reflective art. So much of mothering is RIGHT NOW. I don’t always have time to reflect about my mothering practices and how I’m doing… even after Bug goes to bed I really don’t feel like “reflecting”, I feel like relaxing!

Blogging has been great for this exact reason. Often processing through a blog post, and sorting out my feelings and reactions in words helps me reflect on my mothering. I have really enjoyed this journey of getting to 100– I hope I have the time and energy to write 100 more when I’m the mom to two under two.

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