Diva Baby!

Guess who got a new purse?

Yup, Bug!

Luckily Mama just got a purse recently (pictured on Wordless Wednesday this week) because my mother loves me and spoils me, so I felt no need to splurge on myself. But when your daughter picks up an adorable Nine West purplish textured bag and walks over to the three-way mirror to check it out with her duds– what decent mother could resist? (Especially at a sale price of $8!)

I simply heart the way she puts it on her arm (like me) and waddles around like she is big stuff. I don’t think Dada knows what he’s in for!

6 thoughts on “Diva Baby!

  1. You need to get Aunt Alisha and Aunt Emily to go shopping with you and Little Miss. They’ll buy her everything.

  2. That is too cute. I really want a little girl. I think that I will get back into the swing of feeling and making my self look more like a woman if I have a daughter. When you are surrounded by guys you just don’t care.

  3. I love your new look!!! I’ve been so far removed from the blogging world that I don’t even know when your blog changed…sorry! But it looks great and I’ve had fun catching up…now I guess it’s my turn to catch up!

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