For all the trash that Hollywood puts out, it was a major relief to go to see the movie Fireproof with my Hubby this weekend.

It’s about a fire station captain and his wife (a publicist for a hospital). They have forgotten (or maybe never really knew) what marriage was supposed to be.

It is very well done, very well made, and very effective.

This is a Christian movie and they present the Gospel clearly, but considering that marriage was designed by God and doesn’t work very well outside of His plan– I hope you’d agree that the message is necessary to the plot, and well presented.

It’s worth the $8 for a ticket to send a very clear message to Hollywood– we want good, clean, moral, family-friendly (should I go on?) entertainment. And it doesn’t take millions of millions of dollars to create just that. And while you’re getting that ticket– make sure you bought one for your spouse… and maybe a few friends. It’s a must see! (And apparently, I’m not the only one who thinks so!)

8 thoughts on “Fireproof

  1. My husband and I saw the movie last Friday. It was outstanding! Even for a happy couple, this movie stands to bring any couple closer together.

  2. Watched it twice already & just about cried buckets. VERY emotional for me. Told all my friends to go.

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