Fun with Water!

Team Mom sent us two great water-related products from Spin Master to try out this month. We had a lot of fun! I’ll tell you about our favorite of the two first…
The Aquadoodle Draw ‘N Doodle Mat has been Bug’s new favorite thing for over a week now! (And her mommy loves how non-messy it is!) It’s a square mat (about two feet by two feet) and a “marker” you fill with water. When you doodle on the mat with the water marker, your creations appear! Here are the things I’ve decided I love about the Aquadoodle:

* When Bug colors off the mat– nothing! It’s just water, so she can’t make a mess!
* How long it keeps her attention! She sits down and “doodles” for awhile before she’s bored.
* It rolls up pretty thin for easy storage (or you could fold it and slip it under the couch.)
* Mommy and Daddy have had fun doodling too!

True story: when I got Bug out of her crib this morning, I changed her diaper and she immediately grabbed the rolled up Aquadoodle from her room and dragged it to the living room. We had some doodle fun before breakfast!

The second toy Team Mom sent us from Spin Master was neat, but didn’t quite hit the standard of the Aquadoodle in the Momfessions household. It’s the Bath Blizzard. The Bath Blizzard is a bath time toy that fills the tub with a waterfall of bubbles. It takes a few C batteries if I remember correctly, so that first night we were scouring all the talking/moving toys in the house to get enough batteries for bath time! Bug wasn’t fond of the whirring noise the Bath Blizzard made at first, but she did enjoy the bubbly mess! (It’s not actually a mess since it’s all in the tub!) Whenever Bug sees the Bath Blizzard in the tub, she asks for “bubbles”, so it has clearly made an impression on her!

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