Out of Touch

Is really how I feel!

I was sorta glad this week was the big Bloggy Giveaway Carnival so I didn’t have to rack my brain about what to post (I have a few reviews that need to be typed up too, so I was majorly lucking out on not having to be “creative” or *gasp!* REAL.)

I love writing about life as a mother though, and often need the reflection that blogging brings to my down time while Bug naps, or plays at my feet.

Our sweet little boy is coming sometime in the next 17 days. Yes, you read that right. For various (and mostly personal– i.e. won’t be shared here) reasons, we have a C-section scheduled for Friday November 14th. This thought frightens and excites me to no end.

Another sweet-smelling bundle of baby fat and goodness– YUM-O!
A sixteen month old sister– who doesn’t know what’s coming…
Teeny, tiny blue and brown clothes waiting in drawers and closet…
My two children sharing a room– and probably not a schedule.
Becoming a family of four!
Two under two in diapers + waking to feed a newborn at night= one tired mommy

You get the picture. Many of you have even been there yourself– savoring the moments as a family of three and anticipating the transition to “family of four”. I guess most days in the next 17 will be spent pondering, wishing, hoping, thinking, reflecting, awaiting…blogging?

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