I wear my babies!

Wearing Buglet when she was only a few days old!

Word on the street is that this is International Baby-Wearing Week… I’m down with that because I like to wear my babies. I can’t wait to birth this little boy (tonight? tomorrow? Friday?) and snuggle him up in our Mei Tai, or tuck him gently in our Kangaroo Pouch Sling and wear him as a sweet-smelling, baby accessory!

I was intrigued with the idea of baby-wearing when I was expecting Bug. I loved the thought of her being so close, and my hands being so free! I got a Kangaroo Korner pouch style carrier (which I loved when she was a newborn), used a Snugli when she was three and four-ish months old, and started using a Mei Tai when she was about six months old. When she was closer to eleven months, I bought an Ergo too.

Bug was not at all a “needy” baby and didn’t need to be worn a lot, I wore her mostly out of convenience… Which reminds me of a quote I love:

“If evolution really works, how come mothers only have two hands?”
~Milton Berle

I think it will be slightly more of a necessity to wear baby #2, since baby #1 will still need Mommy’s hands/attention… so I am anticipating my slings, pouches, and carriers being lifesavers in the next few months!

I like all my carriers for different reasons. I’m excited to use the Mei Tai with a newborn, since Bug was older and bigger when I started with it. The pouch sling usually sent Bug to lalaland which is always nice. The Ergo is super comfy and even manly enough for Hubs to sport with pride. I know it seems like I have all my bases covered, but I would always love to try a new sling or carrier! In honor of Baby-Wearing Week, Steph is hosting a giveaway from Nonny & Boo! So wish me luck– maybe my little man will get to try a sling his sister didn’t!

If you have any baby wearing questions, or want to know more about the carriers I have, please feel free to ask or email me!

5 thoughts on “I wear my babies!

  1. Hey mama! Came by to see if Little Man was here yet . . . 🙂If you are anything like me, you will wear baby #2 SO MUCH MORE out of sheer necessity.Praying for you as you await the big day!

  2. First of all, I love the pictures of you guys at the zoo. Secondly you make me want to “wear” my baby and thirdly you make me want to have another baby. You are a bad influence. 😉 If/When we have another one, I do believe I will be wearing him/her a lot because of having a toddler to chase after as well.

  3. I want to wear my baby! I have to wait a little while still. Right now it looks like my baby is wearing me… as I expand. Praise God for elastic waists!! 🙂 Praying for this sweet boy to get here safely!

  4. Our Ladybug was never a fussy baby either. i wore her for the comfort and closeness. Hope that baby boy is here safely by the time you read this!

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