Happy Due Date!

Big sister whispering all kinds of sisterly wisdom to her baby brother… 


Due dates are weird days. 

I really hate that the medical profession even plays with our emotions by giving pregnant women a “due date”. It’s not like the day books are due at the library, or a paper is due in school. If your books come later than they’re due— you get fined. If you turn your paper in after it’s due, your grade suffers.

Last due date was horribly depressing since I had empty arms and a full belly. Little Man’s due date is a happy day– our little boy is here!

We’re adjusting as well as I could have imagined to being a family of four. My wonderful Hubby took the week off of work to be home with us (which is fabulous-o because I can’t lift anything over ten pounds– ie Bug). Bug likes Little Man so far (we’re praying this continues even as the newness of “baby” wears off), feeding is going well, we’re getting some sleep (dispersed throughout the day and night), and in general it just feels good to be a family of four.

Our biggest problem is Bug and her big girl bed. She sleeps great throughout the night, but then she’s at our bedside at 5am or 6am. Whew! We’re hoping she’ll iron this out relatively quickly and resume her habit of sleeping until 7am or 8am. (Any suggestions?)

7 thoughts on “Happy Due Date!

  1. Your “due date” seems very anti-climatic this time, doesn’t it?I’m afraid Olivia is taking after her grampy with the getting up early. I’ve always been that way. Sorry.

  2. I think that is the most precious picture I have ever seen!!ps- if she takes after her Grampy-watch out- you will begin to find her in cupboards and “in trouble” when you get up!!

  3. And those babies are both beautiful! Can’t wait to see him! (Isn’t it funny how BIG the older one seems suddenly when a new addition comes?)

  4. He was pretty adorable Sunday, all snoozin’ in his sling. Cutie!Hope you didn’t overdo it by coming to church. It is more than okay to take your time getting back into things : )

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