Our First Week…

…as a family of four:
We spent a lot of time snuggling and enjoying each other…and the weather turned frightfully COLD! (OK, cold for NC= about freezing, but still!)
So we decided it was time to prepare for CHRISTMAS! Hooray!
Bug really enjoyed decorating the tree (though at first she was confused about a lit tree being in our living room!)
And Little Man supervised all the decorating… He’s enjoying his position as upper management.
Bug got the starring role this year… (I distinctly remember fighting over this honor each year, and soon enough we’ll have our own squabblers, I’m sure!)
Bug’s front bottom section of the tree is the most festive. Luckily her mom is only slightly OCD and the thought to rearrange them after bedtime left when she remembered it doesn’t matter!
Cutest moment of the week, you ask?
Well, Bug was working diligently on her baby animals sticker book (thanks a heap, Uncle James) and began dispensing stickers to us. She gave one to each of us and said our names… “Mommy…. Daddy… My baby…” She called him MY BABY! Is that so sweet, or what? So here are my little darlings with stickers on their noses courtesy of Big Sister Bug:
I can’t wait to see what we have in store for Week Two as a family of four!

6 thoughts on “Our First Week…

  1. One of the most wonderful things about families is not having to look like your house stepped out of a magazine or a furniture flier. Hurray for trees that are decorated on the bottom!Furniture fliers and magazines can be sadly sterile and boring when you think about it.

  2. I can just see you smiling years and years from now when you look at that part of the tree (in pictures!). Glad things are going well with “her baby!”

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