Mama’s here

Hubby took Bug to Mother’s Morning Out this morning (her class was having their Christmas party and it was our turn to be the parent in the room), so I have TWO AND A HALF HOURS to kill. I’m just letting that sink in for a moment because I’m sure it’ll feel like no time before I look at the clock and it’s 11:15. Hmmmm….

I wanted to jot down what’s been going on in and around the house as means of documenting this journey for posterity… OK, I really just miss blogging and getting comments, so here’re some thoughts on life as of late:

  • Bug amazes me everyday. She always has, but lately as I see her little personality budding, and her sense of humor blossoming– I love this kid so much! She is still the biggest helper to me, bringing pacis, diapers, blankets, and wipes for Little Man. Getting her own shoes and jacket to go somewhere. She kisses LM every day (without being asked) and is constantly “checking” on him– “Baby? Baby? Baby?” Her vocabulary is skyrocketing right beside her understanding of what I am saying to her. It’s totally awesome to watch!
  • On the other side of that coin, her repetition wears on me at times. “Mommy…mommy…mommy…mommy….mommy…mommy…” “More, more, more, more” “Milk– milky– milky– milk– miiiiiiiilk” I know she is just figuring out communicating with others, but DANG! It’s hard when I’m tired.
  • Little Man is such a bundle of sweetness and cuteness— I gobble him up every day! Seriously, he is so laid back and chill, I love seeing his little eyes open and just take it all in. He sleeps, eats, and poops like a champ. That’s right folks– we have a pooper. This guy always, always is working on a diaper. And I mean working— grunting, groaning, pushing, wiggling– WOW! I am hoping his tummy issues iron themselves out soon. (For the record: He gets the gas honestly from his father.)
  • Sometimes I feel like he’s not getting all the attention and coddling that Bug got as a baby. Let’s face it– he’s not. This is hard for me…
  • I’m trying to get ready for Christmas— whatever that means. Isn’t it sad how crazily we run around “getting ready” for this holiday? I wish we’d just sit still and enjoy our families and the time off of work… Then again, there is a part of me that loves the hustle and bustle of traveling to visit loved ones, giving and getting gifts, baking once-a-year goodies… Bug will be 18 months the week of Christmas, and I know she’s going to enjoy the gifting part of the day this year. She already loves the Christmas lights we drive by each night. We hear “Wow! Cool! More, more, more, more…” from the backseat.
  • This is my second full week with both kids alone. We’re managing. Some days I have felt like all that I accomplished was keeping everyone fed and in clean diapers– which can seem like a chore if they’re timing things correctly! I sleep so soundly when I get to bed each night because I’m not used to this yet! (I’m talking like don’t-even-hear-when-the-kids-are-crying soundly. Luckily I’m married to a great man who either gets up with the kids himself, or hits me awake to get them!)

That about sums it up. Thanks for sticking with me if you actually read all my bullets. I’m thinking I need to hop in the shower before my time eeks away completely!

2 thoughts on “Mama’s here

  1. Aw I love it! I loved hearing about how you’re doing. We are finally getting over this sickness, so I hope to come visit you soon! I just can’t even imagine what having 2 kids is like. I am taking notes from you so when that time comes, i’ll somewhat be ready. You are remarkable! If all you do is keep them happy and clean and fed, then you are fulfilling your role of a mommy. Keep that in mind!!! Big props to you, mama!!!

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