All I want for Christmas…

10. An uninterrupted night’s sleep (or twelve).

9. A flattering pair of pants that fits no matter how many kids (or cookies) I’ve had.

8. A toddler who quietly rides in the shopping cart (without a bribe).

7. An indoor voice for a small child who so far only knows one volume– loud.

6. All 20 baby teeth to sprout (without fuss) in one night. (I actually would like to request two of these.)

5. A tummy tuck.

4. An eraser for stretch marks on my belly… and my legs… and other places.

3. Time for a shower every day. With soap. And the door closed.

2. Back up mammary glands for Hubby so he can have a turn at the night feedings.

1. The ability to cherish these moments… I know they won’t last!

12 thoughts on “All I want for Christmas…

  1. I love you!…and miss you!! I will be calling you soon. I’m pretty sure we’re both alltel and I have not taken advantage of that!

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