January 15th

Guess who’s TWO MONTHS (and one day) OLD?

Time is flying. I am still not feeling like a “professional mom of two”… but I’m hoping to be soon! 

I have been to Wal-mart a few times with both kids by myself. I believe this should be qualified as an Olympic sport. In fact, that’s how I spent my morning. (The whole morning.) It went a little something like this:

1. Plans for the afternoon fall through with a friend.
2. Decide to get *a few things* from Wal-mart to get out of the house.
3. Begin the list.
4. Realize a full-blown grocery trip is necessary.
5. Pop in a Praise Baby DVD to buy myself 30 minutes of peace. Get Bug situated in her rocking chair, and Little Man in his swing.
6. Start planning meals for the week.
7. Get Bug a snack, since she associates watching a “voo-vee” with snacks. (Where in the world did she come up with that? Hmmmm…)
8. Back to meal planning.
9. Put LM’s paci back in his mouth fifteen times before he dozes off.
10. Refill Bug’s snack to keep her occupied.
11. Hunt through stacks of recipes that just haven’t made themselves into any sense of order yet… what are they doing in that cabinet anyway?!
12. Finalize the list.
13. UH-OH! I’m still in my pajamas! Quickly change, brush teeth, brush hair, and glance in the mirror because I know I’ll run into eleven-teen people I know at Wal-mart.
14. Start the car.
15. Get Bug into her jacket and bribe her to stay in it.
16. Get LM into the car seat.
17. Make sure the diaper bag has all the necessities (this is a very important part of the whole ordeal… forget one thing and ruin the whole morning!)
18. Get diaper bag and reusable shopping bags to car. Make sure shopping cart cover is in the car.
19. Carry Bug to the car and strap her in.
20. Back inside to get LM and lock the door. (Whisper silent prayer that I have everything I need!)
21. Drive uneventfully to Wal-mart.
22. Drive around until a spot right beside the cart return is available. Screech tires to get it first!
23. Get out. Get shopping cart cover onto cart. Get Bug into cart along with diaper bag and reusable shopping bags.
24. Get sling ready. Get LM into sling. (if you’re really good, this step can be accomplished without waking the baby!)
25. Get inside. Buy a much-deserved iced caramel coffee from McDonald’s. Commence shopping.

Whew! The part inside the store is alright as long as you have brought the necessary snack, juice, and entertainment items, move quickly to get all the sought-after items, and don’t bump baby’s head on the cart as you bend down to put something in the cart.

None of this was even the hard part today… I didn’t have the greatest timing in the world, so we got home at 12:30ish. Both kids needed to eat. The groceries needed to be put away. Bug needed to go down for a nap. LM needed a new diaper. Whilst changing LM, Bug pooped on the floor when she was supposed to be sitting on the potty. I’m glad I got myself the coffee today!

8 thoughts on “January 15th

  1. I’m exhausted just reading! Next time just drop them off at my house – seriously!!!! It will be good practice to have a baby in the house again.

  2. oh my! i can’t even imagine. i have enough trouble going to walmart on my own.?..???! no worries…i think you’re def a professional mom! too bad professional mom’s don’t get paid like professional athletes?! you moms definitely deserve the buku cash more than guys dunking balls.

  3. This is so funny. I’ve written a post or two in my time about the endless days of getting one task done! Don’t worry, in a month or two you’ll feel like much more of a pro!

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