Winter Giveaway!

The Winter Giveaway is now closed!

Congrats to AudreyO, comment #50.

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It’s that time again…

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But while you’re here, I might as well give you a chance to win your very own Sheila-made bracelet. (That’s me!) I have recently opened my Etsy store, A Lemon Berry Slush (go ahead and click over… I’ll wait here), specializing in beaded jewelry women and girls.

For my winter giveaway as part of the carnival, I am offering this lovely teal bracelet accented with small pink rose quartz beads:All you have to do is click over to my Etsy world, come back and leave me a comment telling me either 1. which bracelet you love, or 2. what you would love to see in my beaded jewelry store, or 3. your best advice as a fellow seller on Etsy! That’s all, folks!

I’ll let my ego get big all week as I watch my counter rise, read all your comments, and then (probably) Friday I’ll let do all the work of choosing a winner!
Happy Giveaway Week!

This giveaway is now closed!

68 thoughts on “Winter Giveaway!

  1. OOOHHH, I love hues of blue!!!! I have been eyeing the jewelry making for a while now. You are inspiring me to want to learn how to do it and sell it too! I am not a seller on Etsy, but if I start this up, maybe i’ll do it! Pretty pretty!

  2. I love the heart of pink bracelet because I love anything pink. And I love how each bead is unique! Thanks for entering me! unforgetable_dreamer_always AT hotmail DOT com

  3. I love the beads in the Blue, Baby Blue bracelet. They are so pretty and fun! Thank you for sharing this. baron4ml at

  4. Easy, the perfectly Purple. πŸ™‚ Love it. Have you thought about some sets and adding necklaces? Thanks for the chance to win, and the great giveaway.

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