Monogram It!

Too bad I live in the age where having things monogrammed is all the rage. I love the new monogram decals that everyone is putting in their back windshields– with the husband’s and wife’s first initial on either side of their last name initial, but I can’t get one. You see, there is a slight problem with our monogram as a couple…


What would you think if I was sporting that on the back of the Rodeo?

8 thoughts on “Monogram It!

  1. I think that the girl’s name goes first anyway! So you CAN do SSA! Although, it would be quite funny to see a cute mom with 2 cute kids prancing around town flaunting her “aSs”.

  2. Sheila, I love it especially since ASS is a vital part of our last name. However, in the south the woman’s initial comes first (check Emily Post) so you’re problem is solved S S A…very FUN! I love monogramed things as well, it’s not nearly as popular out here in CALI.

  3. Oh my goodness. Just stumbled upon your blog from a friend of a friend and so on. Man I needed that giggle.Too funny

  4. LOL – my husband kept telling me to take my maiden name as my middle name when we got married, because it would make my initials STD…yes, he has a sick sense of humor!

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