Who’s Who?

  • You think Bug and Little Man share any resemblance?RYCs @1:54pm:
  • Yes, Bug is in green and LM is in blue. Each taken at about 2.5 months old.
  • We are part-time cloth diaperers, and so far they do work as great on a boy as a girl. These are medium sized Fuzzi Bunz.
  • I skipped the smalls and just wait until my kids fit mediums (I have large babies, so this works for us.) I don’t like the idea of cloth diapers in the beginning when you.are.changing.diapers.every.five.minutes. I prefer to let their bowels calm down first!
  • Happy Apple was my favorite baby toy, I guess that makes him vintage!

Speaking of cloth diapers, let’s talk about this more… say next Thursday? Get a big ol’ glass of sweet tea, and let’s do some diaper chatter. I’ll see you then!

7 thoughts on “Who’s Who?

  1. Hey, I recognize the happy apple!! I loved that toy as a kid. I only got to play with it at the church nursery though. Is that vintage or new? loveya!

  2. Wow, they look like twins. I should know I have identical twin girls. I have a zillion picture of them on my blog…I love pictures! Thanks for sharing yours they are cute!

  3. bug is in green. right?!happy to see cloth. are those small or medium sized diapers? do they work as well for a boy as they did a girl?how is the bug sleeping? (toddler bed) What about her pottying?

  4. I am so glad that I finally connected to someone's blog who cloth diapers, part time, full time, whatever, with Fuzzi Bunz. We've been thinking about going that route for our little one – due in July – and we bought a few, but it's hard to tell whether or not they'll work when they're still wrapped up lol.Also, I cannot believe how much alike those two look =)

  5. yea! I'm excited about the “diaper talk” next week. I've pretty much got everything ready for cloth diapering, but I'm not planning to start right away, either. Can't wait to hear some good diapering advice! They really do look alike! Both adorable 🙂

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