Baby Shower Gift?

When you’re in the stage of life I’m in… 20-somethings, you find yourself at a lot of baby showers. It just happens that way. After college you find yourself at a lot of bridal showers and weddings, and soon after the babies start rolling in.

I have pondered baby shower gifts many times. I desire to get the best gift for the mom-to-be. I want my gift to be something she remembers as a “favorite”. I’m kinda delusional like that.

Thinking back to my own baby showers, there were some good gifts.

And there was a lot of clothes.

I used to give clothes as baby shower gifts too. It’s hard to resist bite-sized pieces of pink and blue that just jump out at you from the baby department. But let’s be realistic people. If the mommy is expecting a summer baby, that baby will live in onesies and socks for the first months of life. A winter baby? Footed sleepers. And let’s face it, they grow out of everything at break-neck speed the first year of life! So teeny, tiny clothes for the smallest of babes just isn’t a real practical gift (however cute the outfit might be!)

Want to give a real winner? Give diapers!

Although it feels quite boring to hand a basketball-bellied lady a cutesy bag with diapers and wipes inside (she might even feel slightly let down), I PROMISE you that it is the best, most practical gift for a baby shower! That mama may have no idea, but she’s about to change at least eight diapers a day for at least two years. Help a poor woman out!

Now the question is, cloth or disposable? Do a little pre-shower detective work and figure out which route the new mom is going and gift accordingly. She’ll thank you later!

So on the second day of Diaper Week we learn– always bring diapers to a baby shower!

5 thoughts on “Baby Shower Gift?

  1., my name is Penny, and I love pre-folds! 🙂 I like LiteWraps for covers. Work well and are very economical.I feel sick when I use a disposable because of both cost and being a good steward of God’s creation……HOWEVER!We recently took an airplane trip, and I discovered Pure and Gentle Pull Ups work great for taking a young toddler to the bathroom in an airplane “stall.” Much easier than taking off a diaper! I have taken cloth diapers on vacations, but no one wants to smell a wet, cloth diaper on an airplane! 🙂I will be giving clothes for several more showers as I collected lots for my future children (not shower gifts, but ones I bought myself) that I didn’t end up needing. I personally think board books or picture books make the best shower gifts.

  2. Although we don’t have baby showers here, I came up with a more unusual gift today – in which you could put the diapers you are giving….a bread basket – check it out on my blog!

  3. My daughter unfortunatly will not be following in her mother’s footsteps. I used cloth diapers for all 3 of my children with an occasional disposable every now and then. Now that my daughter is having her first she has decided on disposables, mainly because of working full time, 60 hours a week, she can barely keep up with her own laundry!We are having a baby shower for her during which time we will be having a raffle for a gigantic gift basket of goodies. Anyone eho brings one small package of diposables gets a raffle ticketnanja[at]comcast[dot]net

  4. Recovery kits for mom-to-be make excellent baby shower gifts. Mom-to-be’s health is often overlooked in the days and weeks following delivery and it is certainly something that should not be ignored!!! has a variety of recovery kits that will help mom-to-be get back on her feet in no time!!!

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