Diaper Week

It’s diaper week here at Momfessions! I am in dire need of fresh blog fodder, and my life currently consists of diapers and more diapers since I have two under two– so I decided to call it a week!

Feel free to leave me or email me any and all diaper questions you have this week, on Thursday I will do a carnival post answering any diaper questions I’ve gotten, and letting you post a link to your own diapering thoughts! I have so many blog friends and real life friends expecting their first bundle of joy– hopefully they’ll glean some great information from you, the experts! Feel free to write about diapering in any form or fashion– even if you’re not a parent, you might have a dirty diaper to air share!

I tried to make a fancy box to give you the code to my diaper chatter button, but I’m not that techno-savvy and it’s not working. (If anyone wants to give me a lesson on iframes and other helpful html code, help please!) So if you’d like the diaper chatter button, right click on it above, save it to your computer, and post it on your sidebar or post for Thursday.

Today I just had a little diaper ditty to give you. We flew with Bug twice before her first birthday, and I just need to tell ya that traveling babies produce the worst poo! I am not sure exactly what causes the phenomenon, but whew! Last June we were flying to Montana. We had a layover in Chicago O’Hare and were enjoying an overpriced and not quite delicious lunch from the airport Quiznos at some ridiculously early hour of the morning. Hubs thought he smelled something radiating from Bug’s stroller and peeked down her back to see what was up. He raised his arm in the air, pointed at her backside with his index finger and called out, “SiiiCK!”

(Our good friends, Shawn and Rebecca still look back on this pronouncement with fondness…)

After laughing about Hubby’s non-subtlety, we tried to figure out the best way to solve the little… ahem… problem. Hubby ended up carrying Bug at arm’s length in front of him down the crowded airport corridor (O’Hare, remember?) We found a little alcove and began to get to the root of the problem. We peeled off smelly layers that were soiled in an unnatural color of poo. Ack!

Picture Bug stripped down in the middle of the airport being wiped down by Mommy and Daddy. Luckily I had anticipated diaper trouble and had packed empty grocery bags to wrap up any diaper that might attract beasts of prey, and changes of clothes. Yes, plural– changes.

Lesson for Diaper Day 1? Be prepared for the traveling baby’s worst diaper. Have changes of clothes in your carry-on for you and your bundle of joy, empty grocery bags, plenty of wipes, a travel changing pad, hand sanitizer, and a sense of humor!

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