Diaper Chatter!

Welcome to Diaper Chatter!
I’m your hostess with the mostess…
I’m a part-time cloth diaperer. I prefer Fuzzi Bunz and BumGenius pocket diapers. On a hectic or crazy day, I enjoy the convenience of a good Luvs disposable diaper! I’ve been changing diapers as a full-time job since June 29, 2007 when my daughter, Bug, was born. My work doubled on November 14, 2008 when my son, Little Man, came along. Some days it’s all I can do to keep everyone in a clean diaper– but I love it! I can’t wait for you to join the diaper chatter!

Everyone who links up to Mr. Linky will be entered to win one of THREE great giveaways! Many thanks to
Laura Beth!

The giveaways are now closed! Thanks to everyone who participated!

The idea:
1. Write a post about diapers on your blog– funny diaper stories, diapering advice, lessons learned from diapers, potty training experiences, cloth/disposable thoughts… please include a link back to Momfessions.
2. Come back to Momfessions.
3. Link to your diaper chatter post (using the permalink) in Mr. Linky.
4. Visit the other sites and enjoy the diaper chatter!
5. Feel free to email me if you have questions! momfessions(at)gmail(dot)com

17 thoughts on “Diaper Chatter!

  1. Almost forgot to leave a comment! Sorry! (Sooo scatterbrained today!)This is a fun carnival, and I’m enjoying reading and hearing from everyone! Is this a regular thing here or just one time?

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