It’s only cosmetic…

This weekend we spent some leisurely family time in the mountains of North Carolina. The wind was unkind to Bug’s sweet cheeks and they looked quite “chapped” Saturday morning. I told Hubby that I had some Aveeno lotion in my travel bag that he could put on her cheeks:I asked him to throw it in the diaper bag so we had it to touch up her cheeks when we were out. Sunday morning I noticed my Aveeno moisturizer still in my toiletry bag. I tossed it to Hubby and said, “I wanted you to put the lotion in the diaper bag.” He replied, “I did.”
No wonder Bug’s cheeks had gone from pink to orange! Lesson learned? Don’t trust a man with cosmetics!

7 thoughts on “It’s only cosmetic…

  1. That is too funny and she is adorable. You are so right….I recently tried on three different shades of lipstick and the only person I had with me was my husband who said every color looked great….I finally asked him “You don’t see a bit of difference, do you?” to which his reply was “nope”. LOL Bless his heart for trying but some days you just see so clearly why God gave us “girl-friends” too!

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