Kranich’s Jewelers Review

I got a lovely package in the mail in October containing a stunning diamond necklace. (Talk about motivation to start walking out to the mailbox everyday!) The lovely people over at Kranich’s had sent said lovely necklace to me!

I have to confess that I am not into the jewelry that most women love. I am a simple girl, really. I love diamonds– er, who doesn’t? But I don’t want all that jazzy dazzle. The Diamond Circle Pendant from Kranich’s is perfectly simply me! I adore it!Wouldn’t you?

It is elegant enough to wear when I dress up– alright, alright who am I fooling? I “dress up” for church and the occasional dinner date with my Hubby, but it’s perfect for those occasions! It’s also simple enough to wear with a nice shirt and jeans, as I just did yesterday!

I can’t stop looking at my necklace’s cousin over at Kranich’s
Don’t you suppose my Diamond Circle Pendant needs a friend in my jewelry box?

Though, I am a bracelet girl at heart, so maybe Hubs should spoil me with this to keep my necklace company? Diamonds, anyone?
And I would love to design myself a Mother’s Ring… but I probably should wait until the Momfessions brood is completely complete.


I do love my necklace from Kranich’s, and they have jewelry to meet any of your needs! Engagement rings, wedding bands, pearls, anniversary rings, burberry watches, charms, chocolate diamonds– really it’s a total buffet of deliciousness! Next time you’re shopping for the BLING, try Kranich’s!

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