7 Quick Takes- 2

1. I spent a chunk of the morning in Wal-mart. Makes me wish we had a Target.
2. I spied an Elmo DVD that Bug is going to get next week once pay day hits! Elmo is going to potty train my daughter, I just know it!
3. Made my own iced caramel coffee yesterday morning– YUM-O! Speaking of which, have you tried McDonald’s McCafe coffees? To me, just as good as Starbucks and at half the price? Way better than Starbucks!
4. I have been shopping around for a stylish camera bag for my new camera. How come there’s not many “stylish” camera bags for women? I love this one the best! Whaddya think?
5. My Little Man is growing way too quickly! He had his four month well-check this week. *sob sob*
6. I’m shopping for new women to feature on Fantastic Finds— any suggestions? Robin and Rosalynn were great first finds!
7. Thank Goodness It’s Friday! (Does anyone else miss watching shows like Full House and Family Matters on Friday nights?!)

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4 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes- 2

  1. Yes! I miss the good ole sitcoms. About the iced coffees, have you tried the Burger King Mocha Joe? It’s a good chocolatey coffee taste, and I like the camera bag. 🙂

  2. I love Target AND the McD’s coffees. Yes, better than Starbucks. Not only b/c they’re cheaper but the taste is more uniform from visit to visit.Cute blog!!

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