7 Quick Takes- 3

1. Bug’s been sick since Tuesday. I took her to the doctor this morning: bronchitis. Yuck-O! Tuesday she started looking ill in the eyes when we got to Wal-mart. I was going to shop quick, but during isle three she made this awful sound like she was about to hurl. Awful visions flooded my mind of Bug-puke all over the baking isle… I rushed up to the front and paid for the 1/3 of my list I had already grabbed. Yeesh— what do you do if your kid barfs in a public place? Are you responsible for cleaning it all up, or just finding help?

2. We were going to meet Erin’s baby this weekend, but have to cancel since Bug’s sick. I am heartbroken. This is the second time we’ve had to cancel on meeting sweet Elijah because of a sick kid.

3. I love Crocs! SimpleMom is giving away ten pairs of Crocs! I’d have to get Hubby a pair if I won!

4. I have a post about TV stirring around in my mind. I planned to write about TV this week, but let’s be honest: when you’ve got sick kids, the only thing that gets done around the house is taking care of sick kids.

5. We’re traveling (Hubby, Little Man, and me) the week after Easter. I am listing in my mind to be sure everything gets done/packed. Oy! Bug’s gonna be in Grammy/Papa/Lisha/Emmy/Uncle/Nana/Pop heaven. It’s the longest I’ve been away from her… I get sad just thinking about not squeezing her neck for eight days!

6. It’s really hurting my brain to think of 7 Quick Takes from this week. I’m fried!

7. Happy Weekend!

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