Book Week: Leslie Patricelli

Well, those folks over at Team Mom have done it again. They always seem to find the neatest stuff to send this mama!

A few weeks ago I got two Leslie Patricelli books in the mail. Maybe you’re more in the loop than me and you already know about Leslie Patricelli. I was a little confused at first because her books don’t have many words… then I experienced the *magic*. Bug likes these books because she can read them herself! (She’s 22 months old.)

Let me show you what I mean:
How sweet! So Bug has learned the book quite easily and loves to “read” it– adorable!

Aren’t the illustrations beautiful? Really, I think she’s hit on something with the simplicity and vibrance here… and it makes me feel inspired, maybe I could be the next Leslie Patricelli writing silly, fun childrens’ books… hmmmm…

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