7 Quick Takes- vol 4

I am adoring the spring weather yesterday and today. Ummmmm… if only summer in NC was this mild with little humidity and lots of sunshine. (My hair would also be so grateful!)

I thought about going poo-free this week. OK, I have been poo-free this week, but I’m not really sure what I think. If you’re poo-free, how long before you loved your new, rejuvenated hair? (Or do you love your new, rejuvenated hair?)
(I really like saying “I’m poo-free” because I think it just confused most of you…)

Speaking of our lovely (this week mine looks pretty greasy) tresses, I have to ask, if you are a fan of shampoo, which one do you use? If my little experiment doesn’t work out, I’m in the market for a new brand…

Going for most of my takes to be about my hair, I thought you all would be interested to know that I can get my hair into a low ponytail. Ahhhh, I’m enjoying this length very much. Which is good considering “my girl” (the one who cuts my hair) is out on maternity leave.

I am loving this new chart I ordered last week (because I have an almost two year old, remember?) It is a chart that has behaviors listed, probing questions to help your child get to the sin in their heart causing the behavior, verses to help them see the sin they need to “put off” and verses to help them see what they need to “put on” instead. It’s only $4 on amazon, so I say you should order it for yourself for Mother’s Day. (Ginger Plowman in no way compensated me to endorse her, I paid the $4 too!)

I’m making a scrumptiously easy dessert for Mother’s Day. If all goes well, I’ll show you how to make it so you can be a hit at the next party you take it to!

I’m gonna share a Fantastic Find later during nap time, come back and check it out– there’s a fantastic giveaway too!

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3 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes- vol 4

  1. hmm…I’m gonna have to read about this “poo-free” later…interesting. Also…LOVE the “wise words for moms” you shared about…how great that it exists!!

  2. Hey Sheila, I have been shampoo-free for almost a year. There have only been a handful of times where I’ve used shampoo, simply because I was traveling or just plain lazy. But, after using shampoo when you’re no longer used to it, you don’t like it anymore. I realized (and wouldn’t have otherwise) that shampoo was the main cause of my dandruff. Frankly, I think the chemicals ticked off my scalp. I do not have that problem now with baking soda and plain white vinegar.
    My hair definitely has more shine, less oil, and feels better. I have had stylists compliment me on my lack of split ends despite not having had haircuts for more than 6 months. “What do you use?” I sheepishly reply “baking soda and vinegar.” Some stylists are aware of the benefits while others cringe. There is no smell once your hair is dry.
    As a bonus, I think our shower stays cleaner since I use those ingredients versus shampoo suds splashing on the walls.
    I would recommend you try it…the worst that could happen is that you have to wash your hair over again with a regular shampoo. 😉

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