Two years and new twins

Today my heart feels anxious and excited, one of my dear friends is having TWINS! Can you even imagine?

Two years ago I was exactly one week and one day away from my due date with Bug. There were so many emotions– waiting on pins and needles as each day brought me closer and closer to being a mom.

It’s hard to believe I was in my friend’s shoes just two short years ago. Two years. A lot happens in two years!

I always struggle to describe the awesomeness of becoming a mother when I find out a friend is expecting. I’m part of this amazing club of women who raise, discipline, grow, nurture, and love our children day in and day out for the rest of our lives. Stay at home moms. There aren’t words to explain to a new member of the club what it is they are joining… to tell them how sleep that used to be so precious is forgone to sit by the side of a sick child. Or how meals will be full of food dropping on the just-swept floor, and baby spit-up in a variety of baby food colors. Or that your outfits will now be accessorized by whatever your children wipe on you instead of necklaces and dangling earrings. Or how upset you will feel the first time a fever registers on a little thermometer, or blood oozes from a little boo boo.

I can’t enunciate the joy over the first smile, the first mama, or the first step–the fullness in my heart as I dance to “the wheels on the bus” and see little wipers waving along with me in the backseat.

There’s loneliness during the day, and the desire for adult conversation. Wistful looks at the clothes in the closet that used to fit. Stretch marks forever etched on my belly. But then little hands bring me a crayon drawing, or chubby baby hands reach up and pull my face down for a sloppy kiss and all is right with the world.

It’s exhausting, invigorating, challenging, exciting…

Welcome to the club, Amy. I hope you love it as much as I do!

2 thoughts on “Two years and new twins

  1. aw….great post…I'm definitely crying over here. Wish I was around them as they raise the twins. It's gonna be fun! …Love you!

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