Like a Rock Star

I’m brain-breaking it, and discovered a great way to kill time tonight… SortaCrunchy‘s playing a ROCKSTAR game today, and let’s face it– who doesn’t want to be a rockstar?

Without further ado, let’s give it up for my new band’s new album:Wanna play too?
1. Go to “wikipedia.” Hit “random article”: this is your band’s name.

2. Go to “Random quotations” The last four or five words of the very last quote of the page: is the title of your first album.

3. Go to “Flickr/Explore Last 7 Days” Third picture: is your album cover.

4. Use photoshop or similar photo editor (Picasa, Picnic, whatever) to put it all together.

PS Does anyone know how to pronounce my band’s name? Cool, me neither.

2 thoughts on “Like a Rock Star

  1. I do NOT know how to pronounce that name, but it looks WICKED COOL (and I never say that). So fun! Glad you played along.

  2. hey Sheila!

    Thanks for posting on our blog and saying hello! Yes, I do remember meeting you. Unfortunately we won't be headed to training until October 😦 I didn't get cleared for medical in time to make the March CC so we got delayed a little bit. I am excited for your family! We are moving from WF in the next couple of weeks to move to GA and spend time with family and friends before training. We know some really neat people you will meet next week!

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