Good Idea!

I was asked to write a few goals for the next two months and one of my favorites from my planning and brainstorming was to have “dates” with each of my children. This is something I have wanted to do for awhile, but decided to start now and quit delaying!

I have found that I often have very good ideas and often well-meaning intentions, but can get stuck at those points in the parenting process… not so much good follow-through!

Saturday I had my first “date” with Bug. We went to McDonald’s and ate ice cream. She had an absolute blast and it only cost $3.15. I can’t believe I haven’t carved out the time to do this before! From now on, Bug and Little Man each get a Mommy date once a month… I can’t wait until they are older and they choose what our dates will consist of!

For now, I will have a date with each child once a month, and the other two weekends will be “big” dates with Hubs. Often we find it’s hard to date each other with two li’l ones biting our ankles. By scheduling our time out we are making it a priority and keeping it that way!

What good ideas do you need to implement today?!

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