It’s beginning to look a lot like…

OK, does it bug anyone else that as soon as the weather cools down the slightest bit, stores are ready to pounce on Christmas? I mean let us enjoy autumn people!

Right behind stacks of Halloween candy and costumes are Christmas trees and stockings just waiting for October to be over. It’s kinda stressful.

I say all this to confess to you that Christmas was running through my mind today… I know, right! I always think jewelry makes a perfect gift for any holiday (I tell Hubby this a lot. Trust me.) and Kranich’s Jewelers sent me over to look at their Everlon Jewelry today… well, you can put two and two together, can’t you?

Holy Smokes, aren’t they GORRRRRRRRRRRGEOUS? Don’t you love the Everlon Rings? This Everlon Ring is my favorite– I’m a simple girl, really. And I am drooling over the adorable Everlon Bracelet here. I could always use a sweet bangle… How many bonus points would you give a husband who surprised you with this Everlon Necklace on Christmas morning? Love it!

Sigh… I know Christmas isn’t about the trees and lights and candy and diamonds… and I know it’s only September. It sure is fun to “window shop” though– just as long as the stores don’t pressure me into the Christmas holiday!

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