I have a lot churning around in my head fighting to get out on paper… erm… screen? I just don’t even have the words.

For the past three months while we were preparing to move, we went through the ringer with sickness. We had five cases of strep (yes, I realize there are only four people in the family!), I had pneumonia, we fought two severe ear infections, two sinus infections, and countless runny noses.

Now we have been in our new city for ten days and I’ve already been to the hospital with Little Man for a double ear infection, and Bug is running a fever today (104*) and threw up before bedtime. I just feel wiped out. On top of the ickies that we just can’t seem to shake, I had my first language lesson today and MY BRAIN HURTS! How in the world can an old dog learn the trick of speaking a whole new language fluently?

I’m beat.

It’s moments like this when from somewhere in the depths of my soul I cry,

The joy of the Lord is my strength.

This precious nugget is in Nehemiah– I know right?! The people have just heard the law of the Lord and weep over their sinfulness. Their un-right relationship with the Father. And they are told to weep not, for the joy of the Lord is their strength.

It’s not always easy to have a right relationship with my heavenly Father. I am stubborn and like to sleep for thirty extra minutes instead of spending time with Him. I often cancel His time to give myself more time to do the things I enjoy. I have two kids. I struggle with feeling unworthy of even hanging out with Him.

At the end of a long, hard day at the beginning of what might be an exhausting week, I am so glad that I don’t have to weep over what is. I can take heart that God is working (even though I am a tough case!) and He is faithful! His joy– the joy only He can give, makes me strong enough to face each new day– long and hard, or not.

6 thoughts on “JOY

  1. Excellent Post! Our dependence is totally on Him. We earn nothing. We merit nothing.

    As for the language thing: Better you than me ;=)

  2. So true… Great reminder for me. I dont have 2 kiddos and we haven't been sick. But I def needed to be reminded of joy. We are praying for you!

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