My son, the monkey

Since I grew up with two sisters, and Bug is a girl, I have not experienced the perils joys of having a little boy. Until now…

(All since 4pm today) I’m thinking I should change his alias to “Monkey”. Whaddya think?

A boy is the only thing
That God can use to make a man

2 thoughts on “My son, the monkey

  1. I love it! I'm sure this is what I am in for with Elijah! …looks like your new home is coming together nicely…(If Hudson doesn't break anythin) 🙂

  2. Yes, boys are exhaustingly "busy". When Alex was 12 months old he pulled the Christmas tree down on himself, even though we had protected it with a fence completely encircling it and bolted to the wall on both sides. When he was 15 months old, if I looked away for a minute, he would run and put his toes on the couch and his fingers on the coffee table and stretch across the gap with his bottom in the air. He looked like an upside down "V". I was so afraid he would fall and knock his baby teeth out. He was totally different than my girls. Yes, growing up he got spanked often, but he would just briefly stare at us like we had lost our minds and barrel onward to the next gymnastic challenge. 🙂

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