‘Tis the Season (Almost!)

This time of the year is usually the start of the holiday chaos… planning, cooking, baking, gifting, shopping, wrapping, visiting, traveling, eating, gaining, laughing, singing…
Don’t get me wrong, it’s a wonderful time of the year, and I enjoy it tremendously, but sometimes I wish I had a little help!

No, I’m not complaining about Hubs! I love my Hubby dearly, and he truly does SO MUCH to help me around the house all year ’round. But when it comes to gifts for Christmas (and birthdays), I’m on my own. And since we’ve been married, I’ve inherited his family onto my list too!

Some years I just feel stuck– you know… I. just. don’t. have. any. good. gift. ideas.

To help myself (and you) out, I thought we could have a little bloggy fun! November 2-6, I will be hosting a carnival here at Momfessions to share our gift ideas. I’ll share some, you’ll share some, and we’ll all get on the shopping ball before December even hits!

(If you’re unsure what a blog carnival is, check Works for Me Wednesday for an example.)

So each day, we’ll have a “category” of gift… Monday will be FOR HER. Tuesday will be FOR HIM. Wednesday will be FOR THE KIDS. Thursday will be FOR THE BOOK LOVER. And Friday will be FOR SOMETHING DIFFERENT. Each day you can write a post about the favorite gifts you’ve given or received in this category, and then link up here at Momfessions. As you visit the other links in the carnival you will find all sorts of helpful ideas for your own slew of family and friends to buy for.

The best part of all? I already have two awesome giveaways lined up! So for each gift idea post you link up, you’ll be entered to win! (I would love to offer more giveaways during the carnival, so if you have an idea, email me!)

Go ahead… get a button for your blog and get ready to share your best gift ideas!


2 thoughts on “‘Tis the Season (Almost!)

  1. Sheila, this is a great idea…and fun! I want to participate, BUT, we will be out of town, and I won't be blogging that week, so…sadly I won't be able to be in on the fun. 😦
    However, I'm gonna post it on my site so others can come check it out!

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