‘Tis the Season Carnival!

‘Tis time for the ‘Tis the Season carnival!

I’ve been thinking, and listing my favorite gift ideas, and I hope you’ll share some of your favorite gift ideas too!

Each day there will be a different “theme” for the gifts:

Monday: For her
Tuesday: For him
Wednesday: For the kids
Thursday: For the book lover
Friday: For something different

So whichever day(s) you want to participate,
1. write your post about your gift ideas in that category– please use pictures and links to help us out!
2. Please include a link to Momfessions (or use the ‘Tis the Season button, so others can come enjoy the carnival too!)
3. Then come back here to Momfessions and link up your post (not a link to your blog, but to your specific post), and
4. enjoy reading the other ideas!

Each time you link up during the week, you’ll be entered to win one of the awesome giveaways! (Are you wondering what they are???)

So… are you ready to exchange your best gift ideas?



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