Gift Ideas FOR HER

Today is probably the easiest day! Of course I can tell you MY favorite things! Piece of cake! Without further ado, here are some of my favs… things I think any woman would love to receive as a gift!

1. Lisa Leonard Jewelry: I can’t even describe how much I love this woman’s jewelry! I won a blog giveaway some time ago and got a custom necklace from Lisa Leonard with the words “Go with all your heart”. As we were moving overseas and I was sometimes (still am!) struggling with “wherever you are, be all there” (jim elliot), I love the reminder that this custom necklace is! I have gotten so many compliments on it. Love it! Lisa Leonard Jewelry is the perfect gift for any woman on your list!
* Lisa Leonard is giving away a pair of Aqua Stone earrings to one participant in this week’s ‘Tis the Season carnival! *

2. Ergo Baby Carrier: If I were to pick my all-time favorite baby product, I’m pretty sure it would be my Ergo Baby Carrier. I love this thing! I actually am getting another one for Christmas, so Hubby and I can each wear a kid around town– necessary when you don’t have a car and rely on walking and public transportation! You can totally tell a MOM designed the Ergo! It’s comfortable and completely practical, right down to the pocket for cell phone, money, or paci. The sleeping hood is ingenious, BumbleBee goes right to sleep in the Ergo when he’s in it, and I can pull up the hood and let him rest. Frankly, I wish I had invented the Ergo Baby Carrier myself! (The bonus is that my husband is OK wearing our kids in the Ergo. It’s “manly” enough that he doesn’t mind being seen out in it– in fact, he has really come to enjoy wearing our babies just like I have!) The perfect gift for a mommy!

3. Real Simple Magazine Subscription: I love Real Simple. It’s such a practical and beautiful magazine. I love how home-focused it is, from recipes (although some of them are sorta out there), to laundry tips, to decorating ideas… it’s a magazine I love to have in my bathroom for those moments I’m hiding from the kids needing some reprieve. The pictures are gorgeous, and really the whole magazine just has a comfy, homey feel to it. A subscription for your favorite woman would truly be a gift that gave all year!

OK, there are some of my favorite gift ideas for women– who’s next? Tell all your great ideas for gifts FOR HER on your blog, then come back to Momfessions, and click below where it says “Mr Linky”. Enter your name and the link to your gift idea post. Don’t forget, each time you link up a gift ideas post this week, you’re entered to win one of the awesome giveaways!

(Check here for carnival guidelines.)

4 thoughts on “Gift Ideas FOR HER

  1. I can't believe your #2 is an Ergo. I have been wishing/dreaming for one but can't justify on baby #4. I have too many kiddos who can push the stroller for me to really “need” another carrier. But don't you have one already? Is there something else you want from this company?

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