Gift Ideas FOR HIM

If yesterday was the easiest day of this carnival, today is the hardest day. I pretty much feel slightly clueless when shopping for the men in my life. Hubs is a little easier than the others, but I still have to hem and haw and research and shop to find my gifts for him. (I won’t even begin to discuss the trouble I have with shopping for my father and father-in-law.) Not that little man is shaping up to be much better– all I can think of to buy him ever is blocks, trucks, and balls. Maybe I’m making gifts for men harder than it needs to be… I definitely look forward to reading YOUR ideas in this category!

1. iPod Touch: This idea doesn’t help much if you’re on a tight budget, but I will say my husband’s iPod Touch is probably the most used gift I’ve ever given him. I gave it to him for his birthday this year, but I invited my parents and sisters to chip in for his birthday if they wished. That took some of the sting off the price tag, and they didn’t have to come up with their own ideas for his gifts. My Hubby does email, facebook, and twitter on his iPod. He keeps all his contacts, and lists and calendars. He plays Pocket Tanks and Skee Ball. There are soooo many applications to do all sorts of random/helpful/weird things for you. It’s like the neatest gadget ever invented. I can say that with total confidence because my rockstar Hubs gave me one this summer *gush* I heart him! And your man would totally heart an iPod Touch.

2. Gerber Pocket Knife: Last year, Bumble Bee gave this knife to his daddy for Christmas. (Yes, I realize he was only a month and a half old– the kid knows he loves his daddy, what can I say?) Hubs has the knife on him every. single. day. He has found so many things to cut, slice, and open with this thing. I can’t really complain because at least once a week I bring something to Hubby to open or fix and this little knife is his tool of choice. A great choice for any man– it’s small and perfectly handy!

3. Socks and Underwear: My Hubby usually needs some new socks and underwear about Christmastime each year. If I wrap them up it seems like I got him more gifts. So to fill out the space underneath the tree, just pick up some of your husband’s favorite socks, underwear, and under shirts, and throw them puppies under the Christmas tree. Note: Make a point to go through his old socks, underwear and undershirts and throw away the holey and yellowing ones. Second note: Not recommended as a go-to gift for any other men in your life.

OK, there are some of my favorite gift ideas for men– who’s next? Tell all your great ideas for gifts FOR HIM on your blog, then come back to Momfessions, and click below where it says “Mr Linky”. Enter your name and the link to your gift idea post. Don’t forget, each time you link up a gift ideas post this week, you’re entered to win one of the awesome giveaways!

(Check here for carnival guidelines.)

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