A year ago today I was holding my newborn son.

Twelve months, four teeth, many snuggles, quite a few diapers, a couple first steps, some bumps and bruises later, he’s a year old.

Just like that.

Happy Birthday, Stinkbug!

4 thoughts on “one.

  1. Happy First Birthday, Hudson. We think of you often and pray that everything is going well. Love Uncle Niel and Aunt Linda

  2. Happy Birthday, Hudson! Hope you guys have had a fun day. I can't believe Elijah has more teeth than he does…crazy! Love you!

  3. Sheila! I have been looking at your blog for about a month or so now. It’s crazy how you can keep up with people through these things. Jason and I recently started one called “Palmer Ponderings…” But I saw that you had moved and wanted to tell you that I was following you and that we hope things are going great for you guys over there!

    Oh, and the entry to the giveaway is cool, too 😉

    Thanks for being bold and for being an example of a Godly wife and mom!

    Charity Palmer (Jason Palmer’s wife..just in case 🙂

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