The Club

We were traveling over the weekend, and found ourselves delayed in the airport this afternoon.  As I “bonded” with another mom I was struck with something I’ve noticed plenty of times, but never thought very deeply about…

As soon as I gave birth to Ladybug, it was like I had been admitted into this universal club of mothers.  I have borrowed diapers and wipes from other members of the club, and lent out both as well.  Sympathetic looks have been exchanged at melt-downs, and embarrassing moments, encouragement offered about feeding, sleeping, and everything in-between.

Clothes has been passed down and around– I wore all this stuff post-baby when I just couldn’t wear anything else! And– Now that I’m pregnant, I can’t wear this, but you take it!

Advice has been shared (from the helpful to the good to the bad to the ugly), and stories of experience.

We have a bond that transcends ethnicity, geography, and status.  We’re just mommies.  Smeared with goo, running on little sleep,  carrying bags full of diapers and snacks, often feeling overworked and under-appreciated.

As this fellow mom in the airport handed Ladybug one of her son’s pretzels, I nodded in appreciation.  Of course I don’t mind that I don’t even know her name and she’s giving my daughter food.  She’s in the club.  The universal club of mothers.  She’s just helping another member out.

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