100% B-O-Y

It’s funny how I can have a pretty uneventful day, and then in a span of about five minutes, total chaos can encompass my home!  Point and case:

During lunch today (which is already crazy– Stinkbug whines until I give him food, then he shoves IT ALL in his mouth at once, and starts whining for more) Ladybug decided to pee on the floor instead of letting me know she needed to potty.  We’re not talking a little piddle either, the girl released the Mediterranean Sea on the floor underneath the table.

I carried Ladybug to the bathroom for a quick bath.  I finished her bath (seriously like two minutes) and dried her off.  On my way back to the table, I stopped to grab a rag and some cleaner for the floor.  I was probably away from Stinkbug for four minutes.  (I try not to leave him for very long unattended.)  Four minutes.  And this is what I found when I returned:

The child had climbed out of his highchair.  Out of the restraining seatbelt, and perched up on top of his tray!  And was happily munching away on a cracker!  How in the world?!

Am I ready to be a boy’s mama?

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