It’s a-coming!

Christmas is coming!

Even halfway across the world, I just love the feeling of approaching Christmas.  Of course, no one around us here is celebrating, so there’s a much more relaxed feeling about the upcoming holiday!  No Christmas parties, no rushing around in a mad dash to buy gifts, no fake Santa lines crowding up the mall… just good ol’ Christmas music playing in iTunes, drinking from red cups at Starbucks, finding gifts for Hubby and the Bugs, baking goodies at my own pace, decorating the apartment– it’s such a sweet feeling to prepare for the birth of Christ.

We are going to move in the next few weeks, so I wondered if we should decorate for Christmas this year… for about eight seconds until I realized I would rather decorate, un-decorate, and re-decorate than not decorate at all!  So out came the Nativity.

I adore my Willow Tree Nativity set.  It is one of the most beautiful things I own.  If I didn’t love the feeling of wondering over it at Christmastime, I would keep it out all year.

I also got out the kids’ nativity.  I love that we got them one to touch, and feel, and see, and play with.  Ladybug just spent hours (OK, let’s be honest– minutes) arranging and rearranging the set, talking to all the characters, and singing Happy Birthday to Jesus.  That is totally worth the $20 we paid for it two Christmases ago!  (I see it on Amazon for $40 now, but I am almost positive we only paid about $20!)

Behold, the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!

John 1:29

2 thoughts on “It’s a-coming!

  1. Your willow tree nativity set *is* beautiful. I think you might like the busy parents posts at my blog, Slow Christmas. Though it sounds like you’re already in the spirit…

  2. I LOVE my WT nativity too and I would definitely keep it out all year, but agree with you about the wonder of having it out for this special season. We moved the last two years on Dec. 27th, but I got out the nativity set and a small tree both years…This year I couldn’t wait to decorate our new house! …Praying for you during the move!

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