I miss Wal-mart!

It was not quite a year ago when I recounted for you what it was like to get my two under two to Wal-mart for groceries.  Now that we live 1/2 a world away from Wal-mart, I thought I would let you know what it’s like to go to the “big” grocery store these days.

{deep breath}

1. Get the kids’ bag ready with diapers wipes, sippys, snacks, extra underwear, Germ-X, etc.

2. Make sure I have my keys, wallet, cell phone.

3. Get everyone’s shoes and jackets on.

4. Carry the stroller downstairs.

5. Strap Stinkbug into the Ergo.

6. a. Call a Taxi (explain in a foreign language where I want the Taxi to pick me up)


b. Walk about seven minutes up to the main road and wait on a bus or mini-bus. (Note: I haven’t actually taken both kids on a bus by myself yet– I’m just not that brave.)

6. Get all our belongings out of taxi and pay taxi driver.

7. Head straight to Starbucks and buy a drink.

8. Get kids situated in cart.  (Not always easy.)

9. Maneuver cart.  (Much harder than you would think– the wheels are able to head in any direction.  They don’t just go straight like in the States.)

10. Get cart full of groceries while checking list, feeding kids snack, and hurrying.

11.  Endure a fit from Ladybug.  Or three.

12. Check out and bag my own groceries.

13. Pay.  (Not always easy if they ask me a question– why can’t the whole world speak English?)

14. Head to the elevator to get to the third floor with the cart and the kids to eat lunch.

15. Ask Ladybug if she needs to use the potty.  (She says no.)

16. Proceed to food court.

17. Ladybug announces she has to potty.  Backtrack to the potty by the elevator.

18.  Push the entire cart into the handicapped restroom so Ladybug can pee.

19. Wipe, flush, wash.

20. Back to the food court.  Get food.  Get kids, food, and groceries to a table.

21. Eat.  Feed kids.  Try to keep everyone’s clothes clean.

22.  Go back to the first floor.

23. Ask “Taxi Man” to hail a cab for me.

24. Get everyone and everything in.

25. Give directions. (Easier said than done!)

26. At our building, get both kids out.  Get all the groceries to the door of the building.

27. Unlock outside door, and get both kids up one flight of stairs and into the apartment.

28.  Run back down and get  groceries.

29. Fall into an exhausted heap on the couch.  Wish my kids were old enough to put the groceries away.

* Lest you feel sorry for me, there are small shops close where I get things a lot of times.  I don’t do very many “big” grocery trips lately! Also, there is delivery from a large grocery here once I obtain residency and can order what I want from the store life will be good again.  Definitely looking forward to that!

3 thoughts on “I miss Wal-mart!

  1. Sheila, darling dearest, I think you completely captured the list. Except…did you have anything in there about your kids running from aisle to aisle, screaming and arguing with each other in ENGLISH…just in case their appearance alone didn’t turn enough heads??

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